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BBC’s Documentary On GWL Local’s Group Airs Tomorrow at Beach

August 25, 2016

You are cordially invited to view the newly produced BBC documentary on Project Children’s impact on the world Friday, August 26th at the Waterfront Park. Project Children is a non-profit organization that, since 1975, has brought tens of thousands of children from war-torn Northern Ireland over to America. Project Children was founded by Denis Mulcahey and is still run by Denis, a resident of Greenwood Lake who was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (Peace Prize those years went to Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa!).

The film, which has contributions from President Bill Clinton and Martin McGuinness, will air at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park at 8pm. The viewing is free but please be prepared with your own lawn chair or blanket. The documents is 90 minutes.


The Project Children Story:

Denis Mulcahy, the founder of Project Children, doesn’t use the power of personality or the force of rhetoric to inspire others to join his cause. Denis Mulcahy leads by example. He takes no salary from Project Children and works long hours tending to the big plans and small details of running the organization. Over the past twenty-five years he has quietly masterminded summer vacations in America for more than 14,000 children in Northern Ireland. He has given these children – Protestant and Catholics a much needed break from the grim politics of their own country and an extraordinary chance to play together. He hasn’t done it all alone, and he will be the first to tell you. In fact, if you try to praise Denis, he will quickly start praising Project Children host families, area coordinators, fundraising volunteers, and benefactors. Denis considers himself simply one of the many. But Denis is truly the heart and soul of Project Children. He started it in 1975, along with his brother Pat. They had both grown up in County Cork, Ireland, and emigrated to New York, where they joined the New York Police Department. Denis is still with the force; he’s a bomb squad detective. Pat retired early because of injury and returned to County Cork.

In 1975, Northern Ireland was a boiling pot of political violence. Armed soldiers, rolling tanks, and surveillance cameras were everywhere, trying to keep the lid on. People were dying and children were growing up scared. Protestant and Catholic familieswere insulating themselves against each other – fleeing integrated neighborhoods in search of segregated enclaves. Denis and Pat were heartsick. They decided to do something to help the children. That summer they brought six kids from Northern Ireland-three Protestants and three Catholics-to Greenwood Lake, NY, where they lived. The idea was twofold. Most importantly they wanted to get the kids away from the violence and the paramilitaries who work double time recruiting kids during school breaks. Denis and Pat also wanted to show the Protestant and Catholic kids that they could live together and actually like each other.

Their plan worked very well. One of the Catholic boys became great friends with one of the Protestants. Years later, when the Catholic boy got married, the Protestant boy was at his side as his best man. Then the Protestant boy got married, and the Catholic boy boy was at his side, returning the favor. Project Children has grown a lot from the initial six kids and the $1600 budget it took to bring them over. Now, each year, Project Children brings over more than 600 kids and places them with host families in more than twenty states. The budget is close to a million dollars. None of it goes to salaries. The headquarters is Denis’ home, which is completely overrun with Project Children paraphernalia (papers, freebies for the kids, donations for fundraisers…) and noises (faxes, ringing phones, knocks at the door, meetings…). Luckily, his wife Miriam is equally dedicated to Project Children.

Denis could not have known in 1975 just how strong and how sweeping Project Children’s influence would be. Denis has been recognized by President Bill Clinton. He’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize-twice. He’s been honored at gatherings across America and Northern Ireland. But all that praise doesn’t swell Denis’ head. He still pitches in wherever he’s needed. When a young Belfast girl’s luggage was put on the wrong plane in New York, it was Denis who tracked it down in Dublin.

From the Mayor’s Office

August 22, 2016

GWL Lions Need Your Help

With the passing of GWL Lion Sharon Gehler, the Chairwoman of the 300 Club Committee, we are left with the enormous task of completing the Lions’ most important fundraiser of the year. The event, a chicken BBQ at the Elks on September 11th, is fast approaching and the Lions need your help. There are 300 tickets that must be sold and I am asking the members of our community to support the Lions Club, if they can. If you are able to support the Club, please purchase a ticket for the BBQ on September 11th. The ticket is $30 and grants admission for TWO to a chicken BBQ! The ticket is also a raffle that enters you into a contest where you could win as much as $1,000! If you would like to purchase a ticket, please email me at and I will make sure you get one. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of the GWL Lions Club.


Congratulations to Newest Eagle Scout

On behalf of the Village Board, I would like to congratulate the area’s newest Eagle Scout, Daniel Campagna. Dan has been a dedicated volunteer for as long as I have known him and it is no surprise that he has earned the Boy Scout’s highest honor. Job well done, Dan, and good luck to you in all of your future endeavors.



Village Dates

  • GWL Coalition Youth League basketball, kickball and Soccer every Wed., from 6-8pm at Helen Kelly and Langan Courts (Vine St). Ages 10-15. We will have an end of year BBQ for the kids from 7-9pm at the courts on Aug 31st.
  • Rock Underground Youth Concert, Thur., August 25th from 6pm – 9pm.
  • Gaelic Cultural Society’s Irish Night at the Beach, Sat Aug 27th at 7pm.
  • Zumba at the Beach, Every Saturday at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 9am. Yoga at the beach every other Tuesday at 9am beginning Tuesday June 14th.

From the Mayor’s Office

August 14, 2016

Theatre on the Lake Coming in September!!

I am thrilled to announce that the Village of Greenwood Lake, partnering with 2 extremely talented residents, Katie Weatherford and Mary Riley, will be bringing back Theatre on the Lake. The first performance this year will be a show that was once featured on Broadway named The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not the nearby Putnam County and this is a hilariously witty play that will feature professional actors at our Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park for a two-night performance. This 100-minute show will kick off at 8pm on September 9th and the second showing of the same show will be September 10th also at 8pm. The show is required to have an admission because there will be professional and union actors. The cost of admission is $5.00 per viewing. The Village has secured at a discounted price 100 tickets — 50 to give away for free to local residents for each night. So if you are a local resident and would like to attend the show for free, you may pick up a ticket at Village Hall M-F between 8am – 4pm. Otherwise you will have to pay $5 at the entrance. If you have questions about the event you may either email me at or one of the event coordinators, Katie Weatherford at The show is officially being produced by Mercia Entertainment, a theatre company run by Village Resident Mary Riley.

Thanks to 5K Coordinators, Sponsors and Participants

I made the decision to dedicate my previous column to Sharon Gehler and did not get the opportunity to thank the 5K group – but thanks are very much in order! This year was a tremendous success. The event organizers, lead by my good friend Bill Cerone, did an outstanding job pulling this race together. The sponsors came out in full force along with the participants to support a noble cause – the GWL Coalition Teen Center. Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication to Greenwood Lake.

Village Events

  • GWL Coalition Youth League basketball, kickball and Soccer every Wed., from 6-8pm at Helen Kelly and Langen Courts (Vine St). Ages 10-15. We will have an end of year BBQ for the kids from 7-9pm at the courts on Aug 31st.
  • Children’s Concert at the Beach, Thur., August 18th from 6pm – 8pm.
  • Summer Concert: Local Favorite – Spitball Parade, Sat Aug 20th at 7pm.
  • Grace Lutheran Church Pulled Pork & Chicken Dinner, Aug. 20th from 4pm – 6:30pm. Tickets in advance $8 adult, $7 Seniors, $ 6 kids 8 and under, at door $10 adult, $9 Seniors, $8 Kids for info call 477-0315
  • Village Board Workshop, Aug. 22nd 6:30 p.m. in the Courthouse
  • Village Board Meeting, Aug. 22nd at 7:30 p.m. in the Courthouse
  • Zumba at the Beach, Every Saturday at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 9am. Yoga at the beach every other Tuesday at 9am beginning Tuesday June 14th.

From the Mayor’s Office

August 8, 2016


Village Mourns Loss of Public Servant

This past week the Greenwood Lake community lost one of our most active civic leaders. Sharon Gehler, passed peacefully in her sleep on the evening of August 4th. She will be sorely missed by her friends and family, and missed by her community to whom she dedicated so much of her time. Sharon’s public service started in Greenwood Lake back when she was the Youth Recreation Director for the Village. In this capacity she embodied one of the most important facets of our community – cultivating positive youth development. From there, Sharon dedicated almost all of her time volunteering as an officer, and leadership positions in both the Lions Club of Greenwood Lake and the Greenwood Lake Elks Lodge. In fact, Sharon held leadership positions in both of these organizations simultaneously. Sharon reached the positions of Exalted Ruler of the Elks and President of the Lions Club. Some would think this could spread a person thin – but not Sharon. Sharon played an integral role in both of these civic organizations and impacted the Greenwood Lake community in ways many of us may never know.

Sharon’s life is one to be celebrated. She was an inspiration to me as I became a member of the Lions Club and also as a member of the Elks Lodge. I have sought advice and guidance from Sharon on many occasions and have regularly relied on her experiences to help guide me through some of the tougher decisions in my civic roles. She will be forever missed by our community, and by me. The visitation service for Sharon will be Monday evening at Strong & Basile Funeral Home. To ensure the Village Board’s attendance to honor Sharon’s life, we will reschedule the Village Board meeting from Monday to another date which has not yet been determined.

Village Dates

  • PBA & Coalition Youth League basketball, kickball and Soccer every Wed., from 6-8pm at Helen Kelly and Langen Courts (Vine St). Ages 10-15.
  • Summer Concert: Soul City, Sat Aug 13th at 7pm.
  • GWL Elks Lodge Clambake, Aug. 13th from 2-6pm under the Elks Pavilion.
  • Village Board Workshop TBD
  • Village Board Meeting TBD
  • Zumba at the Beach, Every Saturday at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 9am. Yoga at the beach every other Tuesday at 9am beginning Tuesday June 14th.

Come out for National Night Out

August 1, 2016

national night out

Hoboken Film Festival Coming to GWL!!!

July 24, 2016

Hoboken International Film Festival Coming to GWL!

By Mayor Jesse Dwyer

Over the past 2 weeks, several municipalities, towns and counties had been competing to become the next host of the Hoboken International Film Festival. The festival, currently in its 11th year, attracts thousands of people every year, including celebrity actors like Paul Sorvino, Gillbert Gottfried, Robert Loggia, Danny Aiello, Jonathan Silverman, Jane Seymour, Billy Dee Williams, Eric Roberts and many more, in addition to a worldwide network of press and media attention. Having known of the HIFF for years and hearing that there was a chance it might leave Middletown, I decided to seek out a possible partnership with the chairman of the film festival. After consulting with our Village Board, County Executive Steve Neuhaus our Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton, and the Town Board, we concluded that this film festival would be a tremendous asset for the Village of Greenwood Lake. After many days of negotiations, we struck a deal with the Chairman of the film festival, Kenneth Del Vecchio. The deal permits us to host the Film Festival at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park for at least the next 3 years, right here in the Village of Greenwood Lake. As with any other notable film festival, the host municipality must allocate resources to host such a festival, but in our case, the financial cost for the host municipality may be offset in a creative way. Through our negotiations, we struck a deal to ensure that the festival remains affordable for such a small community. The total cost to host the festival is $40,000 per year. Any sponsorships that are directly linked through the Village toward the festival will be deducted from the host share. Even prior to closing the deal, I have been able to obtain $25,000 in sponsorships to cover our cost! This means if we can raise $40,000 in sponsorships, there will be almost no cost to us, the host municipality.

The reason I feel so strongly about this festival and its relocation to our Village is the tremendous success it has had on boosting the economy and driving up tourism in its previous host communities. I believe this festival, if marketed well and partnered with the right businesses and minds, has the potential to become among the most successful festivals in the nation, particularly hosted in our beautiful and unique community. This festival will be hosted right on a lake, surrounded by tremendous businesses and some of the finest restaurants around. Our community has been on the cusp of opportunity for far too long. It is time we harness the greatest attributes we have to offer and show them to the world.

Some of the concerns people may have are traffic and congestion. The film festival is expected to bring anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand people to Greenwood Lake over a seven day period. The Festival will be May 19, 2017 – May 25th, 2017. There will be an opening night gala and reception, five days of movie premieres, then an Academy Awards-style awards ceremony on the final evening. The film festival requires ticket purchase and will have an extremely large amount of press and media attention helping us not only share our event, but also helping us spread our plan to coordinate traffic and parking. The Village will offer three designated parking lots with shuttle service running throughout the duration of the festival and our top notch police department will be on hand to ensure a smooth festival period for patrons as well as residents.

We will have a press conference to announce the partnership on Monday, July 25th at 1:30 p.m. at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park. We will be prepared to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot attend the press conference, you may either attend our Village Board meeting on August 15th at 7:30 p.m. or email me anytime: I am truly excited about the opportunity we have just entered into, and I look forward to the many benefits of a successful film festival right here on the beautiful Village of Greenwood Lake.

From the Mayor’s Office

July 20, 2016

Environmental Scientist Appointed for Village of Greenwood Lake

In an effort to monitor lake quality, develop a coordinated system of lake management efforts and create an environment in which we are more competitive to receive grant funding, the Village of Greenwood Lake has appointed a fully volunteer Environmental Scientist. Col. John Graham, PhD., is the Chief Scientist and Associate Dean for Research at West Point. Col Graham grew up in Greenwood Lake and later attended West Point Military Academy, received his M.S. at Ohio State and PhD at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He has served several tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Col. Graham will lead a team of committed volunteers, including his daughter, Summer Graham, a current molecular biology student at Appalachian State Univ. and Village Resident Peter Anderson, a recent graduate of SUNY Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Environmental Science. Together, this team will help continue efforts of ensuring our lake, and the environment surrounding the lake, are working in the most sustainable way possible. One of the aspects of their studies will also be to determine if the herbicide program has any noticeably adverse effects on the lake and its ecology.


Village Dates

  • PBA & Coalition Youth League basketball, kickball and Soccer every Wed., from 6-8pm at Helen Kelly and Langen Courts (Vine St). Ages 10-15.
  • Summer Concert: ELVIS, Sat July 23rd at 7pm.
  • Zumba at the Beach, Every Saturday at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 9am. Yoga at the beach every other Tuesday at 9am beginning Tuesday June 14th.
  • GWL 5k Run / Walk and Kids Fun Run Sat., August 6th. Registration starts at 7:30am You can pre register on line by clicking HERE for $25 registration or at gate which would be $30 .  Race starts at 9:00am. The Kids Fun Run is $10 for participants and starts at 11am at Winstanley Field (CVS).

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