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Try Something New; “Learn to Row”

March 25, 2019

About 30 years ago, a small rowing club was formed in Greenwood Lake. Since then, the club has grown to see Olympic rowers and produce National Champions all training right here on Greenwood Lake. Each year, the club offers a “Learn to Row” program which encourages residents to participate in rowing and train alongside some of the best rowers in the country. The Learn to Row program consists of a six-week training program and one session at West Point’s indoor training facility. At the completion of the six-week program, there is a Regatta (race) on Greenwood Lake which takes place June 2 and this is for all the Learn to Row teams to compete against each other. Registration for the program will be at the Alex Emodi Boathouse located at 69 Sterling Road on Saturday, March 30th from 9am to 11am. The cost of the program is $130 and the only requirements to join the program are that you are over 18, can swim and can lift 35+ pounds over your head. If you are interested in signing up, or have questions about the club, you can show up on sign-up day, email or call the boathouse at 845-477-3076.


Recycling Costs are Hitting Municipalities

March 22, 2019

I thought this would be a good time to inform residents about recycling, as it is becoming a major budgetary constraint in the Village and across the nation. The Village Board is currently working on our 2019 / 2020 budget and in doing so, were contacted by our refuse contractor and informed that our recycling costs are going from a negative cost (us getting paid for our recycling) to a cost of about $75,000 per year. The reason for this, in short, comes from China and where the recycling is ultimately sold. While we work to find the most cost-effective measure to continue recycling our waste, I would like to offer some clarification on recycling. A term that I just learned is “wish-cycling”, meaning you think an item is recyclable because you may feel badly about tossing it into the garbage.

Another issue we face is contaminated recycling – recycling that has not been thoroughly cleaned of whatever food product it once contained. You MUST clean your recycling prior to tossing it.  Here are the things that ARE recyclable: metal cans such as aluminum cans or steel cants (nothing is made completely of tin anymore!). Aluminum foil is recyclable; however, you are urged to reuse this easy to clean product until it must be discarded. Paper products such as newspapers, magazines, envelopes and even those annoying political mailers that everyone hates getting – toss those right in the recycling so they can return to your household years later with another political message you are sure to cringe over. Cardboard, office paper and even paper / cardboard dairy and juice cartons are recyclable. Just make sure you rinse them out before putting them in the recycling. Plastic containers, bottles, jugs and jars are all recyclable. But make sure you remove the leftover Chinese food before discarding! Glass bottles and containers are recyclable, but glass windows and mirrors are not! Ceramics or Pyrex dishes are not recyclable, and neither are light bulbs. The metal / plastic lids on glass containers must also be removed (prior to rinsing out!) then discarded in the garbage – they are not recyclable.

In conclusion, I think we can all agree that we, as a society, use far too many individually wrapped or over-packaged products. If the goal of reducing the waste in our planet does not make you want to reduce your footprint, then consider it as a money saver. Either way, please consider reducing, reusing and recycling!

From the Mayor’s Office

February 27, 2019

GWL Commission Appointment

For the past year, Micki Lees has served the Greenwood Lake Commission as the Village’s representative with distinction and honor. We would like to thank Micki for her service in this voluntary role and congratulate her on her new adventures and wish her well in all her endeavors. The Village recently appoint Col. (Ret.) John Graham, PhD to serve as the Village’s representative on the Commission. Dr. Graham recently retired from the US Army having achieved the rank of Colonel and most recently held the position of Chief Scientist and Professor at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dr. Graham received his undergraduate degree from West Point, two master’s degrees and his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. For the past two years, Dr. Graham has served as the Village’s volunteer Environmental Scientist. The Village Board would like to welcome Dr. Graham into this very important new role, taking his science and leadership background into working with the commission to protect the interests of our natural resources.


LED Street Light Upgrade Project

The Village recently completed an upgrade project, partnering with Orange & Rockland, to upgrade 23 streetlights to LED. Each streetlight on Windermere Ave running through our downtown is now an LED streetlight. This project did not cost anything for local taxpayers and will immediately save residents thousands on our Village utility bill. I would like to thank O&R for their partnership and commitment to reinvesting in their local communities.

GWL Winter Carnival This Weekend!!!

February 11, 2019

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, Feb. 16th :

10-5: Outdoor Activities, kids craft tent, food, drink & vendors

12-1pm: Photo Scavenger Hunt

1-3pm: Live Band Performance

2:30-3:30pm: Snowman Ringtoss Competition

4-5pm: Snow Monster Target Toss Competition

5-6pm: Bonfire at the Beach

5:30pm Live Band Performance

8pm: After Hours DJ in the Heated Tent

Sunday, Feb 17th :

10-5: Outdoor Activities, kids craft tent, food, drink & vendors

12-1pm: Hockey Puck Shot Competition

1-3:30pm: Live Band Performance

2-439pm: Tavern Olympics

3-3:30pm: Warwick Valley Humane Society Polar Plunge

530pm: Bonfire

5:30-8:30pm: Live Band Performance


Winter Carnival is rain or shine and all events will be located at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park.

From the Mayor’s Office

January 18, 2019

Good evening,

The combination of snow, ice, rain, high winds and brutally cold weather are heading our direction. Over the next 96 hours, please consider checking on your neighbors and known elderly residents to be sure they have needed supplies and resources to make it through this storm. The chance of losing power between Sunday and Monday are very high. With that in mind, Village Hall will remain open 24 hours a day throughout the entirety of the storm. If there are widespread power outages, we can open up the community center (old firehouse on Waterstone) for any and all residents as an emergency shelter.

For emergency, please contact Village Police at 845-477-9215. For non-emergency related issues or concerns, my cell phone is 845-283-7993.


All the best,

Mayor Dwyer

From the Mayor’s Office

January 17, 2019

As a strong snow storm moves our
way, it’s a great time to point out some snow related
suggestions, tips and laws relating to storms like this. First, there is absolutely no
parking on ANY roadway during a snow storm.
There is plenty of time to figure out now where you
should park your car if you do not have adequate
parking at your home. If you are a village resident,
you may temporarily park your vehicle at the
overflow lot across from Village Hall during the
storm. Once the snow has been cleared, and if our
crews have the ability, we will help plow your vehicle
out of the lot. Keep in mind, this may not be until
Monday or Tuesday but it’s better than having your
car towed for parking in the roadway and causing
unsafe conditions for our plows and other drivers.
Also, if you use a plow of any kind to either plow
your residence or your business, you may not plow
snow onto someone else’s property or impede their
ability to remove snow. Village code requires that
the snow removal from sidewalks is the
responsibility of the abutting property owner or user.
Snow must be removed from sidewalks “within 10
hours of the conclusion of the storm”. The hours of
7pm and 7am are excluded from the 10 hour
calculation. Bottom line, try your best to clear the
snow as soon after the storm as you can. Village
crews will go around and assist with sidewalk snow
removal ONLY during regular working hours and
never during the snow event.
Please keep in mind, these rules / laws are in
place to protect the residents of our village. The
Village Board, our crews and I are all in this together
and rest assured, we will use all available resources
to help those in need. But if you fail to plan properly
and your choices lead to problems for others, you
are less likely to receive a helping hand.
And finally, to the kids of Greenwood Lake – HAVE
Important Numbers:
Greenwood Lake Police: 845-477-9211
Village Hall: 845-477-9215
Mayor Dwyer Cell: 845-283-7993

Christmas Tree Pickup in the Village
The Village’s refuse contractor will be picking up
Christmas Trees in the Village starting this week and

will pick up through the last week of January. Pickup
will be Monday and Thursday depending on which
side of the Village you live in.

From the Mayor’s Office

November 12, 2018

Final Phase of Sidewalks Connecting Mountain Lakes Lane with Downtown

This past week, the Village of Greenwood Lake received notice that the final section of our sidewalk plan has been awarded funding through Orange County’s Community Development block grant funding programs. We successfully made the case that installing a sidewalk, with proper crosswalks, from the new boat launch and public park, firehouse, American Legion and outskirts of the Village, is a vital project for handicap accessibility, reducing vehicular traffic, addresses pedestrian safety and increases the overall access to critical locations within out community. The sidewalk project, which is fully funded by grants, will connect the intersection of Scott Lynch Way / Lakes Road, all the way down Mountain Lakes Lane, will cross at the GWL Garden Center, and will connect right into the Cablevision sidewalk. The project will start early Spring and shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks to complete.

Village Dates

Nov. 19th at 7pm: GWL Coalition Meeting. Senior Center

Nov. 26th at 6:30pm: Village Board Workshop. Courthouse

Nov. 26th at 7:30pm: GWL Village Board Meeting

Dec. 1st from 1pm – 5:30pm: Holiday Festival. Church of the Good Shepherd / Waterstone Rd.

Dec. 1st at 5pm: Christmas Tree Lighting and Ceremony

Dec. 2nd at 6pm: Village Menorah Lighting Ceremony. GWL Ambulance Corp.

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