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March 6, 2018
The Village of Greenwood Lake is expecting anywhere between 12-18 inches of snow over the next couple days. It appears as though the storm will start overnight tonight (Tuesday) and go right through Wednesday night. Thankfully power has been restored in our area just in time for another potential power outage scenario. Below are some things for everyone to consider.
-Please, do not go to work unless you absolutely have to.
-Prepare your home with flashlights, water, food and any other items you might deem essential during a potential power outage
-DO NOT park vehicles on the street. Absolutely NO parking on Windermere Avenue during the storm.
-If you have an emergency, please call Village Police at 845-477-9211.
-If you have a non-emergency related issue, you may call me on my cell: 845-283-7993 or email me at
-Village Hall main conference room will remain OPEN during the entirety of the storm. If we lose power, it will remain open until everyone is back with power. Village hall runs on a generator when we lose power so it can be used to charge your phone, use our phones there, or even sleep there if necessary (We can provide cots, you will need your own blankets).
-If we sustain large scale power outages, or have many residents seeking refuge, the Greenwood Lake Elks Lodge located on Chestnut Street will become available as an emergency shelter.
There are several ways customers can report outages and check service restoration status:
Go to the O&R website ( from any computer or web-enabled mobile device;
Text “OUT” to 69678 (myORU); or
Call Customer Assistance at 1-877-434-4100
Stay tuned for any further necessary updates.
Mayor Dwyer


January 10, 2018
This winter is shaping up to be very damaging to our water system. The swings in temperature wreak havoc on water lines – both main lines and internal plumbing lines. We have already recorded 4 water leaks in 7 days. We need everyone to keep their eyes open and contact the GWL Police if they notice water coming up from a roadway or a vacant piece of property (ground water where it is not supposed to be). This will be difficult during snow melt which we will see over the next couple days. We need to address these leaks quickly for a number of reasons – chief among them is preventing water loss. We have been aggressively pursuing a new well for the past several months and unfortunately this is not a process we can rush and at best, will not be completed for another 2 months.
In an effort to keep our existing wells operating at a rate to meet current demand, the Village will perform a well restoration on one of our wells (Well E). It is our highest producing well and will take 5 days complete. During this time, we will need the cooperation of our residents in reducing their water usage. We will have one well in operation and will rely on our storage tanks to produce enough water to meet the demand – BUT, we cannot do this without your help. In conclusion, water use reductions will be in effect from Monday, January 15th, 2018 – Friday, January 19th, 2018.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please email me at
Mayor Dwyer


December 27, 2017
Please see the attached images for cold weather tips in your home. We will see near zero degree temperatures for at least the next 5 days. Please check on neighbors especially the elderly to make sure their home is being safely and adequately heated. If for ANY reason your home is without heat during this time, please contact the Greenwood Lake Police Department at 845-477-9211 and they will open Village Hall and provide cots for sleeping.


December 8, 2017
At this time, we are lifting the water restrictions. You do not need to boil water you may resume water consumption as you were before the restriction. I would, however, always ask to conserve water whenever you can.
I would like to thank first and foremost, Phil Landru, for your hard work and dedication to the Village. In addition, I would like to thank the residents, business owners and school district for adhering to the call for water use reductions. Your participation is vital in solving the challenges we face as a community. I would like to conclude with a warning – this event was an eye opener. We have 80 year old cast iron pipes underground and some may fail in the future. The Village Board has been proactively replacing all water main that is feasible. We have been and will continue looking for grant funding and options to replace water main proactively. We have also been in the process of adding a new municipal well to our water operation. This process takes months and there will be the possibility of having to call for more water use reductions in the future.
Thank you again and now on to the next challenge — break out the snow shovels!!
Mayor Dwyer

Village Water Main Leak Update

December 4, 2017

I would like to start this update by first thanking the residents for their patience and diligence while we work through this situation. In addition, our water department – Phil Landru, for literally working about 20 hours a day for the past 7 days. This has not been easy, but working with great people and having understanding residents certainly makes it manageable.

As most know by now, the Village encountered a major water main leak right after Thanksgiving. The leak was identified to be about 50 feet under ground right below our water storage tanks. We determined that the best course of action was to replace the section of main rather than patch 80-year-old cast iron pipe. The Village Board hired Tam Enterprise under an emergency bid and they have been working on this project for the past week. We have been under water restrictions (conservation of water) for the same time. What has made this project even more challenging is that one of our wells has been acting up and not working properly. We have been simultaneously working on 1) fixing the leak, 2) keeping both wells working properly to supply necessary water and 3) fast-tracking the previously planned new well installation project. Needless to say, this has been a very tricky situation, but we are near the end. We anticipate being back to full water service by this Friday (12/8). We will not know if the Department of Health will require a boil water notice until after preliminary water sample results are returned to us. If we are required to boil water, we will notify the public immediately. Until then, please continue to conserve water.

For further updates, please check the Village’s website, Facebook page or my blog. In addition, you may receive emergency alerts by phone by signing up at


Join the Chamber of Commerce for their Annual Holiday Mixer

The Greenwood Lake Chamber of Commerce invites the business community and members of the public to their Annual Holiday Mixer. This year, the mixer will be held at the Emerald Point Restaurant on December 12 at 7pm. The event is free for chamber members and their spouses and is $10 for non-chamber members.


November 30, 2017

At this point, work has begun on the restoration of full service in our water system. 1,000 feet of new 12 inch water main is on site and the contractors will be working over the next few days to dig new trench, fuse the pipes together and install them into the system. Once the water main is connected, the Department of Health will require us to perform water testing on the newly installed water main. During this time, the DOH will require us to issue a Boil Water Alert until test results return showing that the newly installed main does not pose health risks. We anticipate the main to be fully in service early to mid next week. That means that water restrictions will continue until mid next week, followed by a boil water alert until the results come in. You will only be required to boil water 1) after the main has been installed (next week) and 2) when you intend to consume the water for drinking purposes or oral ingestion (brushing teeth).

We have since isolated the leak and our tanks are filling fine. The water restriction is a precaution at this point just in case something occurs during the process and causes a rapid water disruption. To be clear — We ARE still under water restrictions until further notice. Please continue to conserve water until the end of next week. We are working as quickly and diligently as possible to fully solve this problem. The Village Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience during this time.

The Village has been in direct contact with county, state and federal agencies to seek emergency funding to offset the costs of this water main restoration. We will do our very best to ensure that there is minimal financial impact for our residents.

Mayor Dwyer


November 28, 2017

There is a water restriction IN EFFECT for the Village of Greenwood Lake water users. We have determined the general area of a water main break – just under the water towers under 40-60 feet of fill just above our ball fields. This is a very difficult area to work in and the specific location of the leak has not yet been identified. We are trucking in water to keep up with the demand of water from our residents and also to compete with the leak. In summary, the leak could not be in a worse location.

I anticipate the water restriction to continue right into tomorrow.

Please, do your part to conserve water. Every little bit helps. Stay tuned for further updates.

Mayor Dwyer

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