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GENERAL MEETING August 6th , 2012


I.                   Call to Order

II.                Pledge of Allegiance

III.             Announcements: West Nile Alert

            Proclamation for International Homeless Animals Day


IV.              Roll Call


V.                 Correspondence is posted

1. Orange County Department of Health-West Nile Virus





       Board discussion on Correspondence



VI.              Visiting Elected Officials:


VII.           Reports of Boards and Department Heads

            Bld Dept., DPW, Justice, Police, Water, Village Historian



VIII.        Commission Reports

                     Trustee Casse

                                    Trustee Dwyer

      Trustee Kelm

                        Trustee Russo 


            Attorney Report


                             Clerk’s Report


           Mayor’s Report



IX.              Privilege of the Floor on any agenda items










X.                 Old Business

*Commuter/Library GIGP Grant Project

*GLC-Lake Restoration of North Arm

*Code Revisions

*Round 4 GIGP Grant

*FEMA/Lakelands Ave. Ext. Culvert

*Police Staffing/Canine

*OEA Contract

*Barton & Loguidice


*New Business’ in the Village


XI.              New Business

*Interstate Waste-September change in service!

*City of Newburgh to tour Village

                                          *Upgrades needed to Clerk’s Office Accounting/Payroll

                                             system and server.



XII.           Events:

August 3 & 4 -Theatre at the Lake

August 11th– Decorated Boat Parade 6:30pm

August 11th– Out of the Blue 60’s, 70’s & 80’s

August 18th– Rod Stewart Tribute

August 25th– Irish Nigh/ GwdLake Gaelic Cultural Society

August 31st-Tracy Deluca Country/Rock/Pop

September 1st – The Garden 1969-Woodstock

September 7th-Magic Touch Acapella Doo Wop

September 9th – American Memorial Triathlon

September 22nd & 23rd -5th Annual Seaplan FlyIn

September 28 & 29- Blues Festival

September 29th– EARC Rowing Regatta                             




          XIII.     Privilege of the Floor (General) 

                       XIV.    Approval to pay all audited bills

  1. XV.           Approval of Minutes-July 2nd , 2012



  1. XVI.            Resolutions

#4 of 2012/2013- Authorizes the Treasurer to take a BAN

not to exceed 10,000.00 to purchase K9 vehicle from Liberty

Police Department. BAN to be paid back from proceeds of fundraisers by Police Department.





             #5 of 2012/2013-Authorizes the Award of the Lakelands

                                      Ave. Extension Culvert repair to Earth Tech Associates for                         

                                      $37,725.00 to be paid by FEMA.


                                     #6 of 2012/2013-Authorizes the Treasurer to take a BAN

                                      not to exceed $5000.00 for purchase and installation of new

                                      generator for Police Department.


                                     #7 of 2012/2013- Authorizes the Mayor to sign the Amendment

                                      to Cablevision Franchise agreement.



XVII.       Budget amendments and transfers




                      Adjournment of August 6th, 2012 meeting.  Next meeting will

                     be Monday September 10th, 2012 preceded by a 7pm workshop at

                     the Court House on Waterstone Road.



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