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November 30, 2017

At this point, work has begun on the restoration of full service in our water system. 1,000 feet of new 12 inch water main is on site and the contractors will be working over the next few days to dig new trench, fuse the pipes together and install them into the system. Once the water main is connected, the Department of Health will require us to perform water testing on the newly installed water main. During this time, the DOH will require us to issue a Boil Water Alert until test results return showing that the newly installed main does not pose health risks. We anticipate the main to be fully in service early to mid next week. That means that water restrictions will continue until mid next week, followed by a boil water alert until the results come in. You will only be required to boil water 1) after the main has been installed (next week) and 2) when you intend to consume the water for drinking purposes or oral ingestion (brushing teeth).

We have since isolated the leak and our tanks are filling fine. The water restriction is a precaution at this point just in case something occurs during the process and causes a rapid water disruption. To be clear — We ARE still under water restrictions until further notice. Please continue to conserve water until the end of next week. We are working as quickly and diligently as possible to fully solve this problem. The Village Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience during this time.

The Village has been in direct contact with county, state and federal agencies to seek emergency funding to offset the costs of this water main restoration. We will do our very best to ensure that there is minimal financial impact for our residents.

Mayor Dwyer

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  1. Andrea Castano permalink
    December 1, 2017 7:25 pm

    Dear Mayor Dwyer,
    Just wanted to say I heard you on the radio today (Dec. 1) and greatly appreciated your taking the time to provide such an informative account of the water leak problem. It was very interesting and reassuring to learn the details. Many thanks to you and Mr. Landru and all the other colleagues you so eloquently praised for all your herculean labors to discover, address and fix the problem as quickly as possible and for making it relatively painless for residents by keeping water available throughout. Thank you also for all your work to keep the public so well informed via your blog, IRIS, phone calls, email, the Village website, radio and other media. I can well believe how exhausting all of that must be on top of all your other responsibilities. Here’s hoping you and your colleagues will all soon be able to get some very well-earned rest! Thanks again from an appreciate resident, A. Castano

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