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From the Mayor’s Office

November 16, 2017

Rifle Season Opening this Saturday

Opening day for “Big Game Hunting” with a rifle opens this Saturday, November 18th. I am bringing this to your attention because we are lucky enough to have nearly 20,000 acres of state park land right in our backyard! Of which, about 75% of that land is open to public hunting. Over the next several weeks there will likely be an increase in deer movement at night as the deer try to evade the people wearing orange walking through the woods during the daytime. In addition to being more careful driving at night, I would also ask hikers to be mindful of this when hiking in the park. ALWAYS wear blaze orange while hiking or hunting in the woods and I would strongly suggest an orange vest rather than just an orange hat – or even both!!

Some interesting facts about hunting: Nearly $1.6 billion dollars collected from hunting activity (taxes and fees on licenses and equipment) goes toward wildlife conservation and parkland management and the hunting industry is solely responsible for creating and keeping more than 50,000 people employed in the Federal Fish and Wildlife agency.

Stay safe and good luck!


Village Dates

  • GWL Gives Back 4th Annual Food Pantry Fundraiser Friday, November 24th from 6pm – 10pm at the GWL Elks Lodge
  • Friend in Need Fundraiser Sunday, November 26th from 12pm – 4pm at the American Legion.
  • Outdoor Holiday Festival & Crafts Fair Saturday, December 2nd from 1pm – 5pm. Food, entertainment, crafts, vendors all located in the yard of the Church of the Good Shepherd.
  • Trooper Eric Nicholson Annual Blood Drive, December 2nd from 9am – 3pm in the Ambulance Corp. Building
  • Christmas Tree Lighting Saturday December 2nd at sundown.
  • Open Gym Night Every Monday and Friday at the Middle School from 8pm – 10pm. Mon: 7th – 12th Friday for adults.
  • GWL Coalition Teen Center Every Wednesday at the Elks. 4-6pm under 13 years old. Over 13 y/o 6-8pm
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