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From the Mayor’s Office

October 6, 2017

Village Receives Grant from Senator Bonacic

The Village recently received notice that a grant for $50,000 has been approved for the Village to purchase an aerial platform lift. This lift, which would mostly be used by our Parks & Grounds Dept. would significantly help with maintaining our current facilities. The Village does not have the necessary equipment such as this to repair buildings, perform tree work, and improve the appearance of our downtown during events and holidays. Much work is needed in our downtown and we constantly find ourselves renting or borrowing this equipment. It will be a welcome relief to perform these functions in-house, ultimately saving the municipality’s scarce resources.

WTW Park Paving Complete

I am happy to report the paving in Wah Ta Wah Park has been completed. We negotiated a deal with Orange & Rockland that in order for them to install natural gas lines in WTW, they must in turn pave the roads in the park. They agreed and in addition to most residents in the park getting access to natural gas, the entire park has been paved with asphalt. I would like to thank our partners at O&R including our Government Relations partner Michael Grant, the contractors who performed the work Ward Paving, our DPW for overseeing the work – Ben Astorino and Jeff Feagles, and also would like to thank Park President Kathy Gilson for her persistence and partnership in this project.


Village Dates

  • Open Gym Night Every Monday and Friday at the Middle School from 8pm – 10pm. Mon: 7th – 12th Friday for adults.
  • GWL Coalition Teen Center Every Wednesday at the Elks. 4-6pm under 13 years old. Over 13 y/o 6-8pm
  • Village Board Workshop Monday, Oct. 16th at 6:30pm in the Courthouse
  • Village Board Meeting Monday, Oct. 16th at 7:30pm in the Courthouse
  • Greenwood Lake Coalition Meeting , Oct. 17th at 7pm in Village Hall
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