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Cold Weather Setting In

December 15, 2016

The Village’s water department is urging residents to take necessary measures to avoid frozen water pipes as the cold weather sets in. Over the next couple days, we are expecting weather well below freezing. During this time, please consider keeping cabinets open to expose water pipes that are susceptible to freezing. If these cabinets contain cleaning products and you have small children, consider removing the cleaning products and storing elsewhere during this time. You might also want to consider leaving all internal home faucets on a very slow, but steady, trickle of running water.

I would also like to ask residents and readers to consider checking on loved ones and elderly neighbors during this time to make sure their heat is working properly. Please also inspect the use of space-heaters in the home of the elderly to ensure they do not pose a fire risk. Checking that space-heaters are not near cluttered items in the home and that the sockets they are plugged into are sufficient to power such an appliance.

On other news, the Lake Commission has announced that they will be closing the dam of Greenwood Lake on January 1, 2017. Therefore, the lake will begin refilling as precipitation comes in. If you have not done your lakefront maintenance, you should consider getting to work asap.

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