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Hoboken Film Festival Coming to GWL!!!

July 24, 2016

Hoboken International Film Festival Coming to GWL!

By Mayor Jesse Dwyer

Over the past 2 weeks, several municipalities, towns and counties had been competing to become the next host of the Hoboken International Film Festival. The festival, currently in its 11th year, attracts thousands of people every year, including celebrity actors like Paul Sorvino, Gillbert Gottfried, Robert Loggia, Danny Aiello, Jonathan Silverman, Jane Seymour, Billy Dee Williams, Eric Roberts and many more, in addition to a worldwide network of press and media attention. Having known of the HIFF for years and hearing that there was a chance it might leave Middletown, I decided to seek out a possible partnership with the chairman of the film festival. After consulting with our Village Board, County Executive Steve Neuhaus our Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton, and the Town Board, we concluded that this film festival would be a tremendous asset for the Village of Greenwood Lake. After many days of negotiations, we struck a deal with the Chairman of the film festival, Kenneth Del Vecchio. The deal permits us to host the Film Festival at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park for at least the next 3 years, right here in the Village of Greenwood Lake. As with any other notable film festival, the host municipality must allocate resources to host such a festival, but in our case, the financial cost for the host municipality may be offset in a creative way. Through our negotiations, we struck a deal to ensure that the festival remains affordable for such a small community. The total cost to host the festival is $40,000 per year. Any sponsorships that are directly linked through the Village toward the festival will be deducted from the host share. Even prior to closing the deal, I have been able to obtain $25,000 in sponsorships to cover our cost! This means if we can raise $40,000 in sponsorships, there will be almost no cost to us, the host municipality.

The reason I feel so strongly about this festival and its relocation to our Village is the tremendous success it has had on boosting the economy and driving up tourism in its previous host communities. I believe this festival, if marketed well and partnered with the right businesses and minds, has the potential to become among the most successful festivals in the nation, particularly hosted in our beautiful and unique community. This festival will be hosted right on a lake, surrounded by tremendous businesses and some of the finest restaurants around. Our community has been on the cusp of opportunity for far too long. It is time we harness the greatest attributes we have to offer and show them to the world.

Some of the concerns people may have are traffic and congestion. The film festival is expected to bring anywhere between ten and fifteen thousand people to Greenwood Lake over a seven day period. The Festival will be May 19, 2017 – May 25th, 2017. There will be an opening night gala and reception, five days of movie premieres, then an Academy Awards-style awards ceremony on the final evening. The film festival requires ticket purchase and will have an extremely large amount of press and media attention helping us not only share our event, but also helping us spread our plan to coordinate traffic and parking. The Village will offer three designated parking lots with shuttle service running throughout the duration of the festival and our top notch police department will be on hand to ensure a smooth festival period for patrons as well as residents.

We will have a press conference to announce the partnership on Monday, July 25th at 1:30 p.m. at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park. We will be prepared to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot attend the press conference, you may either attend our Village Board meeting on August 15th at 7:30 p.m. or email me anytime: I am truly excited about the opportunity we have just entered into, and I look forward to the many benefits of a successful film festival right here on the beautiful Village of Greenwood Lake.

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  1. Aimee Bellantone permalink
    July 24, 2016 2:21 pm

    This is a great opportunity for our community, I’d like to thank you for your insight and perseverance! Way to go Jesse!

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