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From the Mayor’s Office

June 20, 2016

Expanding Youth Activities

The Village of Greenwood Lake, partnering with our GWL Coalition and Police Dept., will be trying something new this year – offering a weekly “Youth League” of outdoor sports for our kids every week. Starting Wednesday, July 6th and running the entire summer, we will be running a program at the basketball courts and Helen Kelly Field where kids between the ages of 10-15 can play either basketball, soccer or kickball. The sports will be relatively organized in that the volunteers will create the teams each night and the kids will essentially play a “pick up” game. We hope that organizing such games with local mentors such as myself, members of our PD and local parents, will foster a positive attitude among our youth and continue a tradition of providing positive and healthy activities for our youth. Games will be held every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm.


Teen Movie Night at the Beach

Girl Scout Troop 336 will be sponsoring a teen movie night at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park (beach at the end of Windermere) at 8:30p.m. on Wednesday June 29th. They will be showing “Saving Mr. Banks”. This is a free movie but donations to the troop will be accepted at the time of showing.



Village Dates

  • Summer Concert: Magic Touch, , June 25th at 7pm.
  • Teen Movie Night at the Beach, June 29th from 8:30pm – 10pm. Free admission.
  • Kids Summer Kickoff at the Beach, June 30 from 6pm – 9pm at the Thomas Morahan Park. There will be a DJ for entertainment.
  • Summer Concert: “Old Friends” , July 1st at 7pm. Music is 50’s, 60’s and some 70’s classics.
  • Summer Concert: NY Hitmen, July 2nd at 7pm.
  • Zumba at the Beach, Every Saturday at the Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park, 9am. Yoga at the beach every other Tuesday at 9am beginning Tuesday June 14th.
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