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From the Mayor’s Office

July 22, 2015

By Jesse Dwyer

A Tragedy Should be a Reminder

Unfortunately it takes a tragedy to remind many to be safe. We lost a life on the lake last week as a boater attempted to swim to shore. This is a sad reminder that a lake is a very powerful place and must be respected. You must be aware of your limits and take into consideration factors that are beyond your control when swimming in the lake. For example, an increased current under the water could be a factor. You may think you’re swimming straight but you could in fact be heading off course because of the current under water. Waves could also become very large due to higher boat traffic and wind. Swimming in a calm pool is much easier than swimming in a choppy lake. Bottom line, if you swim from a boat, stick with the boat. Other boaters might not be able to see where you are as they drive. If you are not with your boat, you are a hazard in the water and your life could be in danger. On behalf of the Village Board, we offer our sympathies to the victim’s family. We also offer these reminders to consider the lake as a great asset, but also to recognize it as a powerful force which needs to respected.

Unsung Volunteers

All too often, unsung volunteers and the people who do the right thing go unnoticed. This, in fact, is the true definition of an ethical person – one who does and will do the right thing even when no one is looking. Well, the day after our fireworks celebration at the beach, we had some concerned citizens who thought the beach was a mess (rightfully so). These young citizens, all in their teens, cleaned up the entire beach and told no one. They did it because they care for their community and are ethical individuals. I would like to thank Ashley Gonzalez, Jeanine Sorrentino, Emily Jenter and Alyssa Folkerstma for believing in your community and giving some of your time to help us out.


Events in the Village

  • GWL Coalition Meeting 3rd Tuesday each month at the Senior Center. 7:00 p.m. Help combat drug and alcohol use among our youth. Attend a Coalition meeting!
  • Summer Concert Series – Children’s Concert The Uncle Brothers Band, Thursday July 23rd beginning at 6”30 p.m. at the Beach (sponsored by the GWL Lions Club)
  • Warwick Summer Arts Festival, featuring a day of Veteran Arts at the GWL American Legion on Sunday, July 26th from 12pm – 6pm.
  • Summer Concert Series presents New York Hitmen, Saturday July 25th at 7:30 p.m.
  • Suicide Awareness Concert Thursday August 6th from 6pm – 9pm at the Thomas P Morahan Waterfront Park.
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