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***Severe Weather Alert***

January 25, 2015

Please be advised that we are expecting sever weather conditions from Monday evening into late Tuesday- early Wednesday.

Please take proper measures to ensure that you DO NOT have to go out on the streets. Such measures include, but are not limited to, stocking up on food and water, fuel, dry firewood, removing current snow from potentially weak roofs and checking in on loved ones, neighbors and friends throughout the storm. Ensure that they are prepared for the storm and aware of the impending conditions.

Storms like this force our DPW and Grounds crews to be out sometimes for more then 24 hours. This is exhausting and dangerous for them and it is compounded when cars are driving around parking in the roadways.

NO PARKING on main roads, especially Windermere will be in effect from Monday 6:00 p.m. – Tuesday (undetermined time).

If you park on Windermere and some main roads, your vehicle MAY BE TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE.

If you have ANY issue during the storm, please, do not post it to Facebook with the hope that that may solve the issue. Please call Village Hall if it is not an emergency: 477-9215 and if it is an emergency, please call the Greenwood Lake Police Department at 477-9211.

Al the best,

Jesse Dwyer

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