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***Arctic Cold Front Moving In***

January 4, 2015

As we have some arctic air move into our area, we’d like to recommend taking the proper precautions to limit exposure to costly repairs.

-Drain hoses and shut off water (if possible) to outside water spigots.

-Keep cabinets or closet doors open where you may have water pipes which are susceptible to freezing. These may be under sinks, in basements or crawlspaces. The few extra dollars to heat these areas will be far less expensive than replacing plumbing.

-Keep an eye on fireplace dampers. Some of you may consider closing a fireplace damper during the cold weather. Just be sure to set a reminder to reopen the damper before using the fireplace again.

-STAY OFF THE ICE until you are 100% certain that it is safe– We will likely see a thin layer of ice form during this cold front. Keep in mind that it takes more than one cold week to provide safe ice. We will not advise you when it is safe to go onto the ice, so use your best judgement.

Stay warm!

Mayor Dwyer

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