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Mayor Dwyer’s Column

January 27, 2014

 Greenwood Lake Mayor


By Jesse Dwyer


Recapping 2013 and Plans for 2014

        In the year 2013, I was fortunate enough to take office as the Mayor of Greenwood Lake. In addition, I have had, and continue to have the distinct privilege of serving with incredible individuals who have been elected, appointed, and employed by the Village. Without whom, I, and the entire Village Board, would not have accomplished so much in 2013.

        Although the following list does not include everything that the Village Board has done or does on a daily basis to run Village government, the list does cover some very important things that I am proud to share. Such things have reduced costs and increased services, increased safety, enjoyment, sustainability, livelihood of our environment (lake) and our economy, and have also listed some other achievements that have and continue to have a major impact on the future of our great Village. 

Recap of 2013

  • Took Office April, 2013: Mayor Jesse Dwyer, Trustees Tom Howley, Kathleen Holder, Ed English, and Newly Appointed Deputy Mayor Kelli Kelm
  • Hired new engineering Firm: Fusco Engineering – Reduced engineering costs
  • Hired new Village Attorney: John L. Buckheit         — Reduced Attorney Costs
  • Acquired a new Water Plant Operations Company, Long Pond Water Works (local)                   — Reduced the Village’s plant expenses $40,000 per year.
  • Remediated what had been illegal discharging from our Water Treatment Facility
  • Removed an illegal and banned chemical that the Village had been using to treat our water
  •  Opened VillageTeenCenter (Through GWL Coalition)
  • Expanded youth and adult rec. through the newly established Outdoor Recreation Program and creating open gym nights for under 18 youth
  • Completed negotiations with our full time police bargaining unit for 2010-13 (Contract had not been signed in over 3 years) and completed 2013-2016 contract
  • Began negotiations with the two remaining employee unions in the Village.
  • Finalized plans and received grant extension for previously unused grant funds for the lake.
  • Applied for nearly One Million Dollars in FEMA grants for hazard mitigation and infrastructure improvements

Plans for 2014

  • Begin work on FEMA grants: Lakelands Infrastructure project, Storm Shelter Project and Fueling Station Project (all grant funded)
  • Begin work on Lake Management Project through the grant that the Village Board successfully had extended for work in 2014
  • Adopt Village’s Comprehensive Plan: This Committee will be meeting to adopt the first plan of its kind since 1997. First meeting: Feb. 2014
  • OpenDogPark on Vine Street
  • Apply for $500,000 in grants through the GWL Coalition, which runs the TeenCenter and is a Village run organization. Our grant subcommittee will be submitting for the competitive grant this March. Grant goes toward youth development as well as drug and alcohol use prevention.
  • Village-run 5K for local charity.
  • Adopt a fiscally prudent and economically viable budget.
  • Further expand Village recreation
  • Make further strides in cleaning up and preserving our lake
  • Expand tourism through the active members of our local Chamber of Commerce: Promote local events, local attractions, empower the Chamber to pull off locally supportive events such as the ever-popular Street Fair and the Outdoor Show.


        The list of what this forward thinking Village Board would like to accomplish grows by the day. We welcome and encourage members of the public to come to our Board meetings and share your ideas, insight and your concerns. We are all in this together. I am always available to meet with residents, day or night. My email and cell phone are on the Village website and all Trustees’ contact info is on the website as well.


  • Cyber-Bullying Seminar Hosted by GWL Coalition Feb. 5th from 7-9pm at the American Legion with a rain/snow date of Feb. 12th.  Event is for parents and concerned citizens.
  • Breezy Point Inn’s Annual Winter Carnival Feb. 14th – Feb. 16thGreat food, music, outdoor entertainment and a guaranteed great time.
  • Village Board Workshop Feb. 18th at 6:30 p.m. at the Courthouse
  • Village Board General Meeting Feb. 18th at 7:30 p.m. at the Courthouse.
  • Open Gym for Grades 9-12 every Friday at the MS. Free for Village and Town Residents
  • Open Gym for grades 6-8 beginning March 6th at the ES. Free for Village and Town Residents
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