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Mayor Dwyer’s Column

June 24, 2013

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the 3rd, 8th and 12th grade graduates of 2013. For the 8th and 12th grade graduates, know that wherever you choose to go; high school, college, work,  GWL is and always will be your home and be proud to have come from our great community.


This past week was yet another great week in GWL. We had our very first Teen Concert at the Waterfront Park which showed to be a fun success. We had two local bands that played and one band from NJ and all three were tremendous. They played for free and the concert was well attended. The only cost for the concert was sound and that was paid for by the GWL Lion’s Club. Thank you so much to Jillian Korkosz, a student at George F. Baker High School, for organizing the bands for this event and pulling it all together.


Over the weekend, Village Attorney John Buckheit and I went along the entire north shore of GWL, including the far north end all the way to the west shore cove in a kayak. This time spent traveling the shores of what appear to be very challenging and weed choked waters was an eye opening experience. For these reasons, we decided to put the weed harvester in the lake early to remediate some of the weeds. In addition, we are working extremely hard pull together all of the necessary processes, including permits and other documents needed to undergo hydro-raking in the north arm. We are all at a critical point and must take action to save our lake before the challenges are irreversible. The DEC has already claimed some of the water body in the north arm as wetlands, which restricts our community’s ability to do anything with that area. The size of the wetland is continuously growing year after year.


Events throughout the Village:


Tuesday, 6/25, 6pm

PBA Youth Basketball League Begins. Vine street courts


Wednesday, 6/26, 6-9pm

Youth Center Open, Holy Rosary Church


Thursday, 6/27, 7pm

Bossy Frog Children’s Concert


Friday, 6/28, 7:30pm

Magic Touch at the Waterfront Park. Free Summer Concert Series


Saturday, 6/29, 11am-2pm

PBA Sponsored Youth Bicycle Rodeo at the American Legion

For ages 5-12.

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  1. June 24, 2013 1:08 pm

    Is there any way to challenge or stop the DEC from taking away our right to self- govern our lake? We pay for it’s maintenance – we should have control over it, or am I missing something?

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