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Mayor’s Column

June 4, 2013
180-dwyerThomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park is officially open (Weekends only for swimming).
 I would like to personally thank the town of Warwick for the hard work and attention that they put into the park this season. There is brand new sand, new sod in front of the stage, a newly stained stage and picnic tables and much more done to the beach area.

Top Field at Lion’s Field

FEMA will be paying the Village to dispose of brush and other debris left over from the storms of 2012. The Village Board will be taking advantage of this cleanup to restore the property above Lion’s Field to something useable for the community. We have also negotiated with our waste disposal company, IWS, to include leaf removal outside of the Village, rather than simply dumping the leaves at the top field as they have been doing for years. This will be done at no extra cost. As a matter of fact, the Village has saved $16,500 this year with our refuse contract. Therefore, we have requested that the gates heading to the top field be locked and that no residential or commercial dumping of brush be allowed. Our DPW will continue to pick up brush and will continue to take the brush to the top field but it will be taken care of much more controllably going forward.

Stream Village Board Meetings Online

Village Board meetings may be watched from your home computer at any time. Just go to and click on the appropriate link. In addition, the Village will begin archiving ALL of our meeting minutes on the website as well. My goal is to have the entire public aware of all business that is conducted on their behalf by Village officials, and to keep the public aware of all the great things happening in the Village these days!

June 8, 11am-5pm

GWL Merchant’s Guild Street Fair
Windermere Avenue
June 10, 6pm-10pm & June 12, 6pm-10pm

Boater’s Safety Course
Courthouse on Waterstone
2 day course — Call Village PD for details: 477-9211


CRITICS WANTED. We appreciate your continued comments about our Greenwood Lake Villager blog, and we encourage you to let us know about any omissions or corrections that we need to address. Thank you to those who called us about this week’s From the Mayor’s Office byline, which we corrected right away! If you have any suggestions about stories and if you have any photos you want to send us, please don’t be bashful. We’ll post them to the Village Facebook page, and other social media tools for the Village. We like it here and want others to learn about what a special community we have.

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  1. Bill Sahler permalink
    June 4, 2013 11:51 am

    Not sure if you are aware, but this email comes saying it is from Mayor Barbara Moore!

    I’m sure you want to remove that!

    Bill Sahler

    • June 5, 2013 12:03 am

      Hello Bill,

      We’ve received a few calls about this accidental glitch. We repaired it because people like you took the time to let us know! Thanks, again.

      Jesse Dwyer,

  2. June 4, 2013 1:45 pm

    FYI: In the section “Streaming Village Board Meetings online”, the link was inadvertently typed with a space between “greenwood” & “lake”. The link won’t work correctly as typed.

    • June 5, 2013 12:00 am

      Dear Glenn,

      Thanks for spotting this typo. We’ve replaced the link and it should work better now. Please let us know otherwise. Thanks, again, for taking the time to let us know!

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