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Introducing: Mayor Jesse Dwyer

April 4, 2013

Embracing Challenges. Moving Forward Together

It is with great honor that I write this column to you, as Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake. Although the challenges that we, the Village Board and staff at Village Hall, have before us are mounting, we are prepared. We find ourselves leading the village with new opportunities, new ideas, a new style of government, and ultimately, with new and reinvigorated leadership.

I am excited to begin working at Village Hall, as Mayor, with our outstanding Clerks, Village employees, with re-elected Trustee, and now Deputy Mayor, Kelli Kelm, newly elected Trustee Tom Howley, newly appointed Trustee Ed English, as well as Trustee Sara Cox. The Village Board will work on passing the budget for 2013-2014 as the first order of business. We will work on acquiring the necessary permits for the Hydrorake cleanup program in the lake, finally eliminating the backwash discharge issues at our water plant, preparing all fields, parks and playgrounds for the spring season and we will also be preparing our beautiful lake community for the advent of our summer season.

I encourage members of the public to join this Village Board as we seek to strengthen our Village. This Board will operate unlike many others we have seen. We will operate with a clear sense of cohesiveness, harnessing the individual strengths of each Trustee and enabling them to work for the Village. We will work hand-in-hand with all of our great organizations – both civic and religious, with residents, and with our youth. We will be a Board that is committed to the betterment of this great community; betterment that is long lasting, affordable, and suitable for the residents of Greenwood Lake.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to serve as our Village Mayor. Your confidence is truly inspiring and humbling and I will work very hard to earn your trust and support for many years to come. Together, we will reveal and strengthen the best that Greenwood Lake has to offer. I look forward to working with you all, as a team, for the future of our great community.

All the best,
Jesse Dwyer
Mayor, Village of Greenwood Lake

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